Biomat has a strong commitment to sustainability, circular economy and to safeguard our environment.

At Biomat we are well aware of the impact of any industrial activity on our environment.

While plastic is a precious and currently irreplaceable resource for the life-sciences industry we do our best to reduce the waste of material coming from our production facility.

Here are the concrete actions we have taken to reduce our impact and improve our company sustainability:

  • Cartons and pallets recycling: the cartons containing our raw materials are properly packed and sent back to the supplier to be re-used.
  • Moulding process: our moulds are specifically designed to reduce the quantity of raw material used during the moulding process.
  • Scraps of plastic: the defective parts are separated by type and raw material and sent back to the moulding facility to be used for recycling: unfortunately, due to the surface proprieties’ high-requirement standards needed for the diagnostic material, it is not possible to recycle them into the same product, but clean and identified polymers have a second life in other articles.
  • Research: We are studying alternative environment-friendly materials for the production of those parts that while maintaining high-quality standards, do not require surface properties, for example microplates frames.
  • Energy: since 2019 Biomat uses 100% renewable energy saving 13.6276 tons of CO2 in 1 year. . In addition, in our new facility we improved energy efficiency: despite more than doubled surface both of clean rooms and of storage, we reduced the consumption of energy by 20% and we are studying solutions for the use of solar panels as an electricity source.


100% Clean Energy Dolomiti Energia means using the strength that nature offers us: all energy from renewable sources, with traced and guaranteed origin by the Energy Services Manager through GO securities. An all-Italian energy, from producer to consumer.


Dolomiti Clean Energy Certificate



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