96 Well Plates

Biomat provides top quality 96-Well Plates for Immunoassays, available in different layouts, formats and colors to fit specific diagnostic needs. 

96-Well Microplates by Biomat are top quality 96-Well Polystyrene plates made for specific assays applications like ELISA, Chemiluminescent (CLIA) , Luminescence (LIA) and Fluorescence (FIA). 

Biomat provides Transparent, White and 96-Well Black Polystyrene Microplates in order to satisfy any specific customers’ needs. Transparent 96-Well Plates are more widely used, while Black 96-Well Plates are used when there is a specific need to minimize background in fluorescence reading. On the contrary, White 96-Well Plates are used to give maximum reflection and to minimize autofluorescence and autoluminescence. 

A full range of 96-Well Microplates ISO certified and designed to allow the maximum flexibility to the user.

Our full range of 96-Well Plates for assays include 96-Well Breakable Strip Plates96-Well Strip Plates , and  Solid 96-Well Plates format, allowing the maximum flexibility for the user. 

Biomat 96-Well Plates have a flat bottom and they have been designed and improved throughout the years to be compatible with the most common instruments on the market. 

Also, Biomat provides Coated 96-Well Plates treated with several coating protocols in order to suit every laboratory need. 

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We strongly value our customers’ satisfaction and that is why we focus on the quality of our products since 1992 to offer 96-Well Microplates that are competitive with the market leaders and therefore are also ISO Certified. For this reason we have implemented a rigid Quality Control protocol that guarantees lot-to-lot reliability and well-to-well reproducibility.

Biomat 96-Well Microplates features

Summing up, Biomat 96-Well Plates’ layout and characteristics offer the best performances thanks to the following features:

  • the 96-Well Plates are manufactured in pure polystyrene with low fluorescence,
  • the plates’ mould design provides optical quality, important to reduce the background signal,
  • the wells inner bottom radius edge improves the efficiency of washings,
  • the external lid warrants vertical alignment when using single microplate wells,
  • the rim protects the external face of the bottom from scratches,
  • the microplates 96-Well by Biomat comply with SBS standards and the design assures a good performance in automatic processing plant.