Black 96 Well Plates

Biomat Black 96 Well Plates for Immunoassay are a cutting-edge solution for researchers and scientists in the field of immunoassay. These plates, made from polystyrene, offer several key advantages that make them ideal for ELISA and Fluorescence (FIA) assays.
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One of the standout features of Biomat Black 96 Well Plates is their low fluorescence properties. This means that they minimize background noise and interference, allowing for more accurate and reliable results. By reducing fluorescence, these plates enable researchers to achieve higher signal-to-noise ratios, enhancing the sensitivity of their assays.

The plates’ different surfaces enhance the binding process, ensuring strong and stable attachment of the biomolecules.

Another important advantage of these plates is their compatibility with both manual and automated systems. They are designed to fit standard microplate readers and washers, making them easy to integrate into existing laboratory workflows. Whether you prefer manual handling or automated processes, Biomat Black 96 Well Plates can accommodate your needs.

Furthermore, these plates are manufactured with strict quality control measures in place. Each plate is individually inspected to ensure uniformity and reliability across batches. This attention to detail guarantees consistent performance from plate to plate, minimizing experimental variability.