Maleimide Coated Plates

Maleimide Coated Plates are suitable for assays requiring site-directed orientation of particular biomolecules.

The Maleimide surface of Maleimide Coated Plates offer a powerful instrument for binding biomolecules containing free sulfhydryl groups (e.g. peptides that contain a terminal cysteine or thiol containing haptens), or reducible disulfide bonds that are difficult to coat onto polystyrene plates. 

Biomat Maleimide Coated 96-Well Plates are made in Transparent, White and Black Polystyrene and can be used for quantitative and qualitative immunoassays like  ELISA, Chemiluminescent (CLIA) , Luminescence (LIA) and Fluorescence (FIA) assays.

The Plates are pre-blocked in order to minimize any non-specific binding and to ensure long-term stability.