Biomat’s Microplates are available in different dimensions and formats, and they are designed for a wide range of biological techniques. We developed the right product and the right surface for your discovery.

Microplates are sealable multi-well plates that are used in a wide range of applications including cell culture, sample storage, assays and more laboratory techniques. They are typically made in polystyrene or polypropylene and are available in multiple formats (24 – 96 – 384 – 1536 wells). 

Biomat offers top-quality polystyrene microplates for fluorescence assays and immunoassays

such as ELISA – LIA – FIA, MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, HTS, Tissue Culture, and other advanced techniques...
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Biomat’s Microplates dimensions and formats

All the Biomat’s microplates are ready to use, and they are available in different dimensions and formats:

  • Deep Well Plates: high performance microplates, made of pure polypropylene, that find use in a wide range of applications, from samples collection to screening studies;
  • Glass Bottom Plates: made of polystyrene, suitable for high-solution imaging, where low autofluorescence and optical clarity are required;
  • High Throughput Screening (HTS) Plates: microplates made in pure polystyrene, used in the drug discovery process that allows automated testing of large numbers of chemical and/or biological compounds for a specific biological target;
  • KingFisher™ consumable: microplates made of pure polypropylene, tested for compatibility with KingFisher™ instruments for use with Viral RNA extraction, DNA extraction, RNA/DNA quantification, immunoprecipitations and many more KingFisher™ applications;
  • Cell and Tissue Culture Plates: optimal, uniform and compatible surface support for animal cell attachment and growth. This particular surface is obtained by proprietary vacuum plasma treatment that, thanks to its strictly controlled parameters, warrants consistency of behavior of the surface.

Microplates personalization

Biomat has an internal Engineering Department that allows our client to ask for customized microplates according to their needs. Biomat offers the study and the development of tailored products with specific properties thanks to our expertise in molded products and surface modification. In fact, we apply the most advanced surface modification techniques: from cold plasma treatments to special molecules coating services.

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