PCR Products

PCR Products: a revolution in the field of molecular biology

The Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) has become one of the most widely used techniques in molecular biology and today it is used in many different applications: from basic research to high-throughput screening.

Polymerase Chain Reaction is a common laboratory technique to make many copies of a specific DNA region that are required for various experiments and procedures in medical diagnostics, molecular biology and forensic analysis...
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The 3 different phases of PCR:

  • Denaturation phase: denaturation (or separation) of the two strands of DNA molecules by heating
  • Hybridization phase: after cooling, the primers bind to the respective complementary sequences on the single strands of target DNA 
  • Elongation phase: synthesis of the complementary strand
  • There are many different types of PCR, the most used are:

    • Real Time PCR (or qPCR – quantitative PCR): this technique is used to measure the amount of target DNA present while simultaneously amplifying it; 
    • RT PCR (Reverse-Transcriptase PCR): this technique allows the use of RNA as a template;
    • Multiplex PCR: multiple primer pairs to various target sequences are used to enable simultaneous analysis of more than one sequence of interest;
    • Nested PCR: this technique is used to increase the specificity of DNA amplification by reducing the non-specific amplification of DNA.

    96 Well PCR Plates and  PCR 8 Strip Tubes are made in polypropylene (PP) and while PP features of temperature resistance and low binding capacity fit with the needs of PCR protocol, some recent techniques as e.g. NGS, require binding properties.

    While polystyrene (PS) polymer is easily subject to binding capacity improvement and is able to bind a wide range of molecules, the polypropylene (PP) is an inert polymer.

    Thanks to a proprietary method for improving the binding capacity of polypropylene, now PCR Strip Tubes and 96 Well PCR Plates are offered with coated molecules or with different molecular upon request.