Coated PCR 8 strip tubes

Biomat Coated PCR 8 strip tubes are 8 connected 0.2 ml tubes made in clear polypropylene coated with different molecules for your needs. Their thin walls optimize the heat transfer from the block to the reaction solution.

Each tube is numerically identified (from 1 to 8) for easy recognition and the PCR strips have a holding strap at one end for easier handling.

All Biomat’s PCR 8 strip tubes are pre-blocked with standard proteic blocking (ELISA Blocking).

Thanks to a proprietary method for improving the binding capacity of polypropylene, Biomat offers coated PCR 8 tubes strips with these molecules:

or with different molecules upon request.

PCR strips’ caps are available for sealing for maximum protection against cross-contamination. The flat caps are easy to open and close without tools and are compatible with most popular thermal cycler blocks.