12x75 mm Coated Tubes

Biomat 12×75 mm Tubes are ideal for solid phase immunotechniques such as IRMA (ImmunoRadioMetric Assay), ELISA and ILMA (ImmunoLuminoMetric Assay).

Biomat 12×75 mm Tubes are tubes in pure polystyrene and have a Streptavidin or Streptavidin High Binding coated surface, ideal to bind any biotinylated molecule.

Streptavidin is the most popular and widely available biotin-binding protein for research methods. Each subunit of Streptavidin binds one molecule of biotin giving at Streptavidin Coated 12×75 mm Tubes  a greater assay sensitivity.

The surface of Streptavidin High Binding 12×75 mm Tubes, unlike the normal Streptavidin, is particularly useful in competitive tests to measure biotinylated low molecular weight molecules.

Biomat 12×75 mm Coated Tubes offer a reliable response to the needs of kit manufacturers and researchers because they are ideal for solid phase immunotechniques (e.g. ELISA, IRMA and ILMA).

Streptavidin Coated 12x75mm Tubes and Streptavidin High Binding Coated 12×75 mm Tubes are pre-blocked in order to minimize any non-specific binding and to ensure long-term stability.