Carboxylated 96 Well Breakable Strip Plates

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The Carboxylated 96 Well Breakable Strip Plates are offered with 12 breakable strips of 8 wells assembled on single well holding frame. Clear, white and black breakable strips are manufactured in pure polystyrene with low fluorescence and can be used for ELISA, Luminescence and Fluorescence assays. White and black strips have minimal light scatter and prevent well-to-well crosstalk. These strips are designed to be easily breakable by the user and repositioned in the frame; the radius edged inner bottom of the wells improves the efficiency of washing. The Carboxylated 96 Well Breakable Strip Plates comply with SBS standards and the design assures a good performance in automatic processing plant.

  • Recommended working volume of 75 to 200 μl
  • Packaging: 5 plates in a transparent bag

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Technical details


Carboxylated surface on Carboxylated 96 Well Breakable Strip Plates promotes the covalent immobilization of compounds containing reactive free amino groups using the EDC mediated amination. This kind of immobilisation can overcome some of the limitations connected with physical adsorption of the molecules to the surfaces such us small peptides (M.W. 1000-5000 Da) drugs, toxins or hormones and can provide an oriented immobilisation of molecules in order to secure the integrity and accessibility of their specific sites.


  • ELISA Assay
  • Luminescence Assay (LIA)
  • Fluorescence Assay (FIA)
  • Chemiluminescent Assay (CLIA)
  • Others

Coated 96 Well Plates

Carboxylated Surface



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