96-Well PCR Plates

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Discover our comprehensive selection of 96-Well PCR Plates, meticulously crafted from clear polypropylene to accommodate a variety of PCR techniques. Designed with thin walls for optimal heat transfer from the block to the reaction solution, our PCR plates ensure efficient thermal cycling for accurate and reliable results.

Key features of our 96-Well PCR plates:

  • Enhanced cross-contamination protection: the well rims are specially designed to prevent cross-contamination, providing a secure seal with our custom sealing mats.
  • Versatile plate options: Our inventory includes Non-Skirted, Semi-Skirted, and Skirted PCR Plates to meet the diverse needs of your research:
    • Non-Skirted PCR Plates: (0.2 ml volume – cut corner H1) Ideal for a broad range of thermal cyclers, offering the greatest versatility.
    • Semi-Skirted PCR Plates: Available in 0.1 ml (cut corner H12 and ABI-type A1) and 0.2 ml (cut corner A12) volumes. The semi-skirted design is perfect for robotic applications and adds stability for easy labeling or barcoding.
    • Skirted PCR Plates: (0.1 ml and 0.2 ml volumes – cut corner H1) These plates provide exceptional rigidity, making them suitable for automatic pipetting systems and secure transportation.

Biomat’s PCR Plate Advantages:

  • DNA, DNase, RNase, and endotoxin free: ensuring your samples remain uncontaminated.
  • Chemical and heat resistance: durability across a range of experimental conditions.
  • Ready to use.
  • ISO:9001 manufactured: quality you can trust for consistent performance.
  • Compatibility: designed to fit most commercially available thermal cyclers.
  • Alphanumeric coding: simplifies well identification, enhancing your workflow.

Our 96-Well PCR Plates are exclusively for research purposes, crafted to provide you with precision, reliability, and ease of use for all your PCR needs. Whether for academic research, pharmaceutical development, or biotechnological applications, our plates are engineered to deliver unparalleled performance.

COATED PCR PLATES – Do you have special requirements for your PCR plates?

Thanks to our 30 years of experience in surface modification we are the only company worldwide to offer Coated PCR Plates.

Discover our full range of Coated PCR Plates:

Carboxylated Treated PCR Plates

Maleimide Coated PCR Plates

High Binding Streptavidin Coated PCR Plates

Streptavidin Coated PCR Plates

Protein A Coated PCR Plates

Protein G Coated PCR Plates

Protein A/G Coated PCR Plates.

Do you need PCR Plates with different surfaces? Please don’t hesitate to CONTACT US with your requests. Let Biomat be your partner in advancing your research with our top-tier PCR plates and tubes.

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