Reagents Package for Immunotoxicity Test

Code: 700-1


The Reagents Package for Immunotoxicity Test includes the reagents you need for Immunotoxicity ELISA Test, ideal for setting up ELISA IgM and IgG assays to be used as biomarkers of immunotoxicity..

Reagents Starter Kit is for testing 5 immunotoxicity plates and provides researchers with a convenient package ready to use.

All reagents can be used  indifferently on both KLH and DNP, TNP and Tetanus Toxoid Coated 96 Well Plates.

One Reagents Starter Kit includes:

Every single unit contains reagents to test 5 plates.

Store as directed on each box. Do not freeze reagents.
For research use only.
Reagents are stable until the expiration date indicated.

Technical details

Sample DiluentDiluent for HRP conjugateELISA Wash BufferTMBStop Solution
Technical fileTechnical fileTechnical fileTechnical fileTechnical file

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