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Patents: EP 1 499 894 B1 – USPTO 7,510,687 – ZL 03 8 10029.0 – PCT/IT03/00218 – WO 03/085401

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The innovation and its advantages

MULTIPLE & PORTABLE ELISA is based on patented innovative method and device:

the multi-catcher device with 8 or 12 immunosorbent ogival pins, held in a special rack suitable for moving 8 or 12 multi-catcher devices, easily and simultaneously.

  • Device pins are sensitized with different catchers and different tests are carried out in one shot.
  • No Lab equipments are needed for:
    distributing samples: the multi-catcher device is immerged and incubated in the tube where the sample was collected;
    carrying out washing steps: washing can be made using micro-shower, dispenser, tap water or pre-filled microplates;
    distributing conjugate and chromogenic substrate: pre-filled 96 well plates with the needed reagents are used, sealed and stored until their use;

    • kits for 8 or 12 samples contain 1 microplate pre-filled with conjugate and 1 microplate pre-filled with chromogenic substrate;
    • kits for single sample contain only 1 microplate pre-filled with washing solution, conjugate and chromogenic substrate in different columns.
  • Sample enrichment and sample concentration are not needed: the
    tested sample aliquot increases, easing the highly diluted target detection.


System componentsSystem componentsSystem componentsSystem components
8 or 12 pins combrack for combs96 well plate with 12 x 8 pin combs96 well plate with 8 x 12 pin combs


Special product test - 11. dip a multi-catcher device in the collected sample and incubate

extract the device and wash it
Special product test - 22. assemble the devices in the rack, and dip the pins into the conjugate contained in a pre-filled microplate and incubate

extract the rack and wash the pins
Special product test - 33. dip the pins into the chromogenic substrate contained in a pre-filled microplate and incubate

then take out the rack and...
Special product test - 44. ...DONE!!! Your multiple tests are ready for reading contained in a pre-filled microplate and incubate

Reading can be performed visually, for screening purposes, or using the commercially available ELISA-readers (TMB: λ = 655 nm; λ = 450 nm when stop solution is added)


Beyond the laboratory boundaries, cheaply

MULTIPLE & PORTABLE ELISA is specially fitted for optimizing and commercializing:

  • ELISA ready-to-use lab kits
  • ELISA on-site kits

ELISA ready-to-use lab kits and ELISA on-site kits don’t need skilled personnel and lab equipments, so that:

  • cheap labs can be spread widely in:
    – not served areas
    – small industries
    – Med and Vet Offices
  • large population can be screened in situ during:
    – sanitary alerts
    – sport competitions
    – epidemiological surveys in not well established economies
    – duty controls

in the aim of:

  • reaching new end-users
  • extending screening applications


In a global scenario, the need of increasing controls can be satisfied joining easiness and handling to the ELISA high sensitivity and specificity: ready-to-use lab kits and on-site kits based on MULTIPLE & PORTABLE ELISA are suitable in:


  • Breathing Infectious Diseases
  • Sexually Transmitted Infectious Diseases
  • Enteric Infectious Diseases
  • Sanitary Alerts
  • Cancer markers
  • Anti-Doping


  • Pathogens
  • Allergens
  • Bacterial Toxins
  • Mycotoxins
  • Anabolic agents
  • Antibiotics
  • Pesticides
  • GMO
  • Species identification


  • Anti-Doping (racecourse)
  • Animal Infectious Diseases and Zoonoses (livestock)
  • Animal Infectious Diseases and Zoonoses (pets)


  • Plant Infectious Diseases
  • GMO


  • Pesticides
  • Pathogens
  • Bioterrorism agents