No Binding Capacity Surface is designed to prevent the binding of proteins to the wells.

No Binding Capacity Surface is a surface that prevents the binding of proteins to the wells; it’s addressed for those procedures that need to avoid any modification of the activity of the molecules induced by the reactions that occur with the well surface.

During immunoassay, the treatment of Biomat No Binding Surface, prevents dissolved molecules from binding to the support surface.

Biomat No Binding Capacity Performance

Click on this technical note to discover the performance of Biomat No Binding Capacity Surface vs Biomat High Binding Capacity Surface.

Biomat No Binding Capacity Products

No Binding Capacity Surfaces main features

Biomat No Binding Capacity products have the following characteristics:

  • Ready to Use
  • Manufactured under ISO:9001 guidelines
  • All lots are tested for uniformity and reproducibility
  • Certificate of Quality is released for every lot
  • For Research Use Only

Also, No Binding Capacity Products ensures:


Microplates show a CV% less than 10

Storage and Stability

The No Binding products are stored at room temperature in sealed PE bags and are stable until the expiration date printed on the label.

No Binding Capacity Microplates Specifications


The surface is treated to prevent the binding of proteins to the wells.
Volume of treatment 300 µl/well.