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The ELISA assay (enzyme-linked immunosorbent), also called enzyme immunoassay (EIA), is an effective method for detecting and quantifying the presence of specific substances, commonly proteins (or peptides, antibodies and hormones) in a complex liquid mixture using antibodies. ELISA is one of the most sensitive and reproducible plate-based technologies available. The assay you can set up is rapid, simple to perform and easy to automate.

Biomat manufactures polystyrene microplates used in diagnostic and pharmaceutical fields since 1992. Among its offering Biomat offers:

– Uncoated polystyrene Medium and High Binding Microplates

Pre-coated ELISA Microplates such as Streptavidin, Neutravidin, Protein A and G, Lectins, Goat Anti-mouse IgG and Goat Anti-rabbit IgG.

Biomat ELISA Technical Guide guide will include:

– ELISA Technology
– Solid Support for ELISA Tests
– ELISA Technical Tips
– ELISA Steps Overview
– ELISA Troubleshooting



ELISA Technical Guide 


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