KLH (Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanin) Coated Plates

Code: MG29F-KLH


KLH Coated Plates are offered with 12 breakable strips of 8 wells assembled on single well holding frame. Clear breakable strips are manufactured in pure polystyrene with low fluorescence and can be used for ELISA assays. These strips are designed to be easily breakable by the user and repositioned in the frame; the radius edged inner bottom of the wells improves the efficiency of washing. The KLH Coated 96 Well Breakable Strip Plates comply with SBS standards and the design assures a good performance in automatic processing plant.

  • Plates are pre blocked with proteic blocking
  • Recommended working volume of 50 to 100 μl
  • Each coated plate is packed in a single barrier bag with desiccant
  • Every single unit contains 5 plates

White and black KLH Coated 96 Well Breakable Strip Plates can be used for Luminescence and Fluorescence assays are AVAILABLE BY ORDER ONLY.

Reagents supplied upon request.

Biomat other 96 Well Plates for Immunotoxicity ELISA Tests:


Technical details


KLH coated surface on the KLH Coated 96 Well Breakable Strip Plates can be either used as vaccine carrier protein acting as the hapten carrier part of the vaccine component or as a highly immunogenic antigen in order to assess the immune competence of an organism  and as a carrier of low molecular mass peptide and haptens, such as oligosaccharides, gangliosides or (glyco)peptides, designed to facilitate antibody production.


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