ELISA Diluent and Stabilizer

ELISA Diluent and Stabilizer are ideal to carry the biomolecules during assay tests.

Biomat’s ELISA Diluent and Stabilizer are used, during the assay, to carry the biomolecules maintaining their molecular conformation and preventing their loss of activity over time...
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In order to prevent high background, it is very important to use appropriate solutions for diluted samples and standard molecules.

  • Biomat’s Sample Diluent is ideal because it is a specific buffer solution for proteins or antibodies that are evaluated in the first step of a two-steps indirect ELISA assay. His use helps to reduce the background and minimizes non-specific binding in both ELISA and Western blotting assays. The solution is ready-to-use.

Otherwise, the conjugate stabilizer/diluent is used for dilution of Alkaline Phosphatase (AP) or Horseradish Peroxidase (HRP)-conjugates

We offer two types of ELISA Stabilizer, both ready-to-use:

  • Diluent for HRP Conjugate: is an useful buffer solution for proteins or antibodies HRP-conjugated, that are used in direct or indirect ELISA assays. The use of this buffer improves the signal and does not interfere with the bonding antigen/antibody.
  • HRP/AP Stabilizing Buffer: solution BSA free; it’s a universal stabilizer for dilution and stabilization of both Alkaline Phosphatase (AP)- and Horseradish Peroxidase (HRP)-conjugates. This stabilizing buffer maintains the molecular conformation and prevents loss of activity over time; it allows the storage of conjugate for at least 3 years at 2-8°C minimizing assay error related to daily dilution variation. It does not contain azide, mercury or other toxic compounds. It supports stabilization of conjugated proteins in low as well as in high protein dilutions.

Use one of our ELISA Diluent & Stabilizer with our 96-Well Plates to develop your ELISA assay by choosing the one best suited to your molecules. 

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