ELISA 96-Well Plates

Biomat ELISA Plates are high quality 96-Well Microplates suitable for qualitative and quantitative assays offering lot-to-lot reliability and well-to-well reproducibility for optimal outcome of your assay test.

ELISA Assay Technology (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent) is one of the most sensitive and reproducible plate-based technologies available to detect and quantify the presence of specific substances in a complex automate...
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As ELISA manufacturers, Biomat offers a wide range of top quality 96-Well Plates for ELISA assays made in Transparent, White and Black Polystyrene. Black ELISA Plates are suitable with Fluorescence assay while White ELISA Plates are suitable with Luminescence assay.

Check-out the complete list of Surfaces.

All the ELISA Microplates are available both High Binding and Medium Binding


Biomat ‘s full range of 96-Well ELISA Plates include:

All these configurations are designed to allow the maximum flexibility for the user.

Biomat ELISA 96-Wells Strip Plates are also offered with different well capacities:

  • 350 μl,
  • 360 μl,
  • 400 μl.


Biomat 96-Well Plates for ELISA are produced in Polystyrene, the most widely used material for this application. Polystyrene is hydrophobic however its properties can be modified by performing surface treatments or coatings to accommodate different requirements for diverse applications and its characteristics allow it to be best suited for microscopic imaging and optical measurements. 

For more information see also Medium Binding ELISA Plates vs. High Binding ELISA Plates.


Biomat has selected the best medical grade raw materials to produce its microtiters. We mould our ELISA microplates in clean conditions and following strict quality controls in complete absence of contaminants. Thanks to the continued feedback of the clients we have improved the stability of our wells in our frames that come off easily but are also stable in the washing phase.

All lots are tested to guarantee their quality.