Neutravidin Coated Surface is ideal to bind any biotinylated molecules at wells of Neutravidin Coated Plates, with a minimal non-specific binding.

Neutravidin is a deglycosylated avidin (M.W. 60 kDa) that contains four identical subunits biotin-binding with very high affinity for biotin (Ka= 10-15 M).

It has an isoelectric point near-neutral (pI=6.3) and the lowest non specific binding properties among the known biotin binding proteins.

Compared to the streptavidin, neutravidin in its primary structure does not contain the RYD sequence (Arg-Tyr-Asp): the lack of such a sequence totally eliminates the possibility to interact with the RGD sequence (Arg-Gly-Asp) present in the membrane receptors of a large variety of cells. This makes it very useful in applications where it is important to avoid the non-specific interaction with the cell surfaces.

Neutravidin Coated Surface has similar binding capacity of Streptavidin Coated Surface for biotin and biotinylated molecules and offers a powerful and universal instrument for binding these molecules minimizing non-specific interactions. For example,  Neutravidin Coated Plates are suitable with ELISA assays protocol.

Biomat Neutravidin Coated products

These are the available configurations of Neutravidin Coated products by Biomat.

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96-Well Plates

Other 96-Well Plates

Neutravidin Coated Surfaces main features

Biomat’s Neutravidin Coated plates have the following characteristics:

  • Ready to use
  • Manufactured under ISO:9001 guidelines
  • Post-coated (blocked) for low non specific binding and long term stability
  • All lots are tested for uniformity and reproducibility
  • Certificate of Quality is released for every lot
  • For Research Use Only

Also, Neutravidin Coated Products ensures:


The Neutravidin Coated plates show a CV% less than 5 using biotin-HRP as detector and TMB as substrate.

Storage and Stability

The Neutravidin Coated products, if unopened, are stable at 2-8°C until the expiration date printed on the label. If opened, store in closed pouch with desiccant and use within the expiration date.

see Stability Test technical note

Neutravidin Coated Plates product specification


Neutravidin is coated using 100 µl/well.

Binding capacity for small molecules (e.g. d-biotin)

The Neutravidin coated wells were incubated with biotin solutions, in an ELISA format, using biotinylated peroxidase as detector and TMB as substrate.


~ 5 pMol d-biotin/well

Binding capacity for big molecules (e.g. HIgG)

The Neutravidin coated wells were incubated with biotinylated HIgG in an ELISA format using HIgG-HRP as a detector and TMB as substrate.

see Binding Capacity technical note


~ 100 ng/ml biotinylated IgG