Coated PCR Strip Tubes

8-Strips PCR Tubes are coated with different molecules and ideal for binding your molecules.

Biomat’s PCR Tubes are 8 connected 0.2 ml tubes made in clear polypropylene coated with different molecules for your needs. Each 0.2 ml PCR Tubes is equipped with a cap (available separately)  that prevents cross contamination.

The thin walls of the PCR 8-Strip Tubes optimize the heat transfer from the block to the reaction solution...
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Thanks to a proprietary method for improving the binding capacity of polypropylene, now the  PCR test tubes are offered with several coated molecules:

Discover more about Biomat’s PCR Tubes price according to the different molecules used for the coating process.

Biomat’s coated 8-Strips PCR Tubes main features

Biomat’s coated 8 strip PCR Tubes have these characteristics:

  • Pre-blocked with standard proteic blocking (ELISA Blocking Solution)
  • Ready to use
  • Manufactured under ISO:9001 guidelines
  • Suitable for most commercially available thermal cyclers
  • Alphanumeric coding for easy well recognition
  • All lots are tested for uniformity and reproducibility
  • Certificate of Quality is released for every lot
  • For Research Use Only

PCR Strips’ caps  are available for sealing and to ensure the maximum protection against cross-contamination. The caps are easy to open and close without tools.