Biomat's mission is to support life science’s manufacturers and researchers by offering surface-modified plastic products (microplates, PCR products, TC treated products etc.) and surface modification services

We offer high-quality:

for immunoassays, research and other applications in the diagnostic field.

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Biomat was established in 1992 as an engineering company dedicated to the development of special plastic products (microplates, PCR products, and other products) for diagnostic and medical applications. The growing need of surfaces capable of binding biological molecules oriented us to focus on the surface modifications employing different technologies: from plasma to bio-coating and our team developed a wide experience in these fields enabling us to offer customized solutions. In 1995 we started the production of our own microplates for immunoassays with modified surfaces. From the original Medium and High Binding capacity 96 well plates for ELISA, LIA and FIA, we extended our production to different formats and developed several types of surfaces.  Our knowledge of surface modifications, employing different technologies and working on different products, enables us to serve IVD manufacturers and researches operating in the different fields that need surface modified articles: from microplates to Petri dishes, to a wide range of custom made articles. IVD manufacturers represent Biomat’s main customers, but new areas such as molecular diagnostic and genomics need very specific surface properties applied onto different platforms from PS microplates to PP PCR products. The fields of applications of Biomat’s products are:

  • HTS

At the same time, the new platforms such as biochips, microarrays or multiple immunoassays, extend the application of the coated/modified surfaces to different applications such as:

  • DNA methylation
  • Binding of Oligos
  • Detection of Exosomes

Throughout the years, Biomat has constantly invested in cutting-edge innovation of its products and services in order to offer the most advanced technologies for new immunoassays and research applications. For over 20 years Biomat has been trusted worldwide for:


The biomedical field needs multi-disciplinary expertise, that is the reason why Biomat has built a network of reliable companies capable of supplying top services related to its activity (e.g. surface analysis). Our experience and skills include many techniques of surface modification: plasma, Gamma irradiation, chemical, biological coating, which are exploited in order to offer the best technology for each application. Biomat’s strategy is based on a flexible structure and to the capacity to adapt it to the technological development and to the expansion of the markets. This is pursued through:

  • reliable technical installations with a high degree of automation and easy scalability
  • focusing on research in order to keep the pace with the technological development



Biomat has a strong commitment to sustainability, circular economy and to safeguard our environment. That is why we have implemented concrete actions to reduce our impact on the environment.

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