Streptavidin High Binding Coated Plates

Streptavidin High Binding Coated Plates are suitable for binding antibodies or probes for ELISA assays and other target-specific assays.

The surface of Streptavidin High Binding Coated Plates offers a powerful and universal instrument for binding any biotinylated molecule (Antibodies – Antigens – Proteins – Peptides – Polysaccharides – Oligonucleotides – DNA fragments etc.) finding a special application for those molecules which do not offer reliable bonding by passive adsorption or adsorb in an unfavorable orientation.

Unlike the normal Streptavidin Coated Plates, the surface of Streptavidin High Binding 96 Well Plates is particularly useful in competitive tests to measure biotinylated low molecular weight molecules.

Biomat Streptavidin High Binding Coated 96 Well Plates are made in Transparent, White and Black Polystyrene and can be used for quantitative and qualitative immunoassays like ELISA, Chemiluminescent (CLIA) , Luminescence (LIA) and Fluorescence (FIA) assays.

Coating ELISA Plates with Streptavidin High Binding ensures better assays results.

Streptavidin High Binding Coated Microplates are pre-blocked in order to minimize any non-specific binding and to ensure long-term stability.