Neutravidin Coated Plates

Neutravidin Plates are immunoassay plates coated with the Neutravidin protein ideal to specifically bind any biotinylated molecules with minimal non-specific binding.

The Neutravidin surface of Neutravidin Coated 96-Well Plates can be used in immunoassays for binding any biotinylated molecules (Antibodies – Antigens – Proteins – Peptides – Polysaccharides – Oligonucleotides – DNA fragments etc.) and other target-specific assays.

Compared to the Streptavidin, Neutravidin in its primary structure does not contain the RYD sequence (Arg-Tyr-Asp): the lack of such a sequence totally eliminates the possibility to interact with the RGD sequence (Arg-Gly-Asp) present in the membrane receptors of a large variety of cells. 

The Neutravidin Plates offer a powerful and universal instrument finding a special application for those molecules which do not offer reliable bonding by passive adsorption or adsorb in an unfavorable orientation.

Biomat Neutravidin Coated 96-Well Plates are made in Transparent, White and Black Polystyrene and can be used for quantitative and qualitative immunoassays like ELISA, Chemiluminescent (CLIA) , Luminescence (LIA) and Fluorescence (FIA) assays.

The Plates are pre-blocked in order to minimize any non-specific binding and to ensure long-term stability.