Coated PCR Plates

Coated PCR 96-Well Plates offered in different formats and coated with different molecules, are suitable for binding your molecules.

Coated 96-Well PCR Plates are made in clear polypropylene coated with different molecules for your needs. qPCR 96-Well Plates are also called real time PCR 96-Well Plates and they are suitable with quantitative PCR assays because they are more sensitive than low profile PCR plates...
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The thin walls of the PCR Plates optimize the heat transfer from the block to the reaction solution while the rim of the wells is designed to protect against cross-contamination, allowing a reliable seal with the sealing mats tailored to the plates.

Biomat’s 96-Well PCR Plates formats

Biomat offers three different types of 96-Well PCR plates:

  • 96 Well Non-Skirted PCR Plates: have the widest applications. The 96-Well PCR Plate non skirted is suitable for most commercially thermal cyclers.
  • 96 Well Semi-Skirted PCR Plates: can be used in robotic applications and the skirt gives extra stability. The half skirted PCR Plate can be easily labeled or tagged with a barcode.
  • 96 Well Skirted PCR Plates: especially rigid. The Full Skirted PCR Plate suites with automatic pipetting systems. It is optimal for being transported. 

Thanks to a proprietary method for improving the binding capacity of polypropylene, now 96-Well PCR Plates are offered with several coated molecules:

96-well PCR Plates main features

Every Biomat’s PCR reaction plate is:

  • Pre-blocked with standard proteic blocking (ELISA Blocking Solution)
  • Ready to use
  • Manufactured under ISO:9001 guidelines
  • Suitable for most commercially available thermal cyclers
  • Alphanumeric coding for easy well recognition
  • All lots are tested for uniformity and reproducibility
  • Certificate of Quality is released for every lot
  • For Research Use Only