Heparin Catcher Coated Surface is designed for the in vitro measurement of unfractionated heparin in low protein content fluid by ELISA assays.

Heparin Catcher Coated Surface is a special surface to be able to immobilize and measure level heparin present in the fluids at different ranges of U/ml . Heparin is one of the most intensively studied glycosaminoglycans as a result of its anticoagulant properties; in facts, it is used as an anticoagulant either in its native unfractionated form (UFH – M.W. ~ 16 kDa) or as a partially depolymerized form called low molecular weight (LMW – M.W. ~ 4-8 kDa) heparin.

Heparin Assay

The proposed assays exploit the different Biomat Heparin Catcher Plates (HC1, HC2 or HC3), by quantitative enzyme-linked assays for the in vitro measurement of unfractionated heparin in low protein content fluid such as a buffer.

These heparin ELISA tests are competitive assays in which the colorimetric signal is inversely proportional to the amount of heparin present in the sample.

Principle of the assay

Samples to be assayed are at first mixed with a known amount of biotinylated heparin within the wells of Biomat Heparin Catcher Plate.

The Heparin in the sample competes with biotinylated heparin to bind to the binding sites of the heparin catcher plate.

After the removal of the unbound reagent and sample, a streptavidin-peroxidase conjugate is added to reveal the reaction.

The concentration in the sample is determined using a standard curve of known amounts of heparin.

Assay procedure

Click on the following links to read an example of typical assay suitable for measuring Heparin (UHF) in saline buffer:

Biomat Heparin Catcher Coated Products

Heparin Catcher Coated Surfaces main features

Biomat Heparin Catcher Coated products have the following characteristics:

  • Ready to Use
  • Manufactured under ISO:9001 guidelines
  • All lots are tested for uniformity and reproducibility
  • Certificate of Quality is released for every lot
  • For Research Use Only

Also, Heparin Catcher Coated Products ensures:


The Heparin Catcher Coated Products  show a CV% less than 5 when they are used as a catcher of heparin-biotin in an ELISA format, using Streptavidin-HRP as detector and TMB as substrate.

Storage and Stability

The Heparin Catcher Coated products, if unopened,  are stable at 2 – 8 °C until the expiration date printed on the label. If opened, store in closed pouch with desiccant and use within the expiration date.

Heparin Catcher Coated Microplates Specifications


HC1 (range 0.01 – 2.0 U/ml) is coated using 100 µl/well;

HC2 (range 0.5 – 40.0 U/ml) is coated using 100 µl/well;

HC3 (range 2.0 – 160.0 U/ml) is coated using 200 µl/well.