Our products

For more than 20 years Biomat has been offering high quality diagnostic products to meet your needs!

Biomat, always alongside its customers to satisfy their every need, supports life science’s manufacturers and researchers by offering a wide range of diagnostic products ready-to-use.

Over the time Biomat has developed special surface-modified plastic products (microplates, PCR products and other products) for diagnostic and medical applications.

Biomat’s research never stops…Thanks to our surface modification service, we develop the right product and the right surface for your discovery.

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with the highest standards for life science applications (ELISA – LIA – FIA, MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, HTS, TISSUE CULTURE).

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Biomat products’ quality and innovation makes it the perfect partner for your research. We offer:

  • Maximum flexibility
  • Great production capacity
  • Continuous investments in cutting-edge research
  • Personalization to your needs
  • High-quality standards: ISO 9001-2015 certified
  • Excellent customer service

In addition, Biomat is able to study and develop, jointly with the customer, the product with the specific properties that he is looking for, thanks to our expertise in moulded products and in their surface modification employing the most advanced surface modification techniques: from cold plasma treatment to special molecules coating and so on.