Medium Binding Plates

Biomat Medium Binding 96 Well Plates are immunoassay plates suitable for passive adsorption of large molecules that contain hydrophobic regions. 

The Medium Binding capacity surface on Medium Binding 96-Well Plates is a hydrophobic surface suitable for passive adsorption of proteins with different grades of hydrophobicity.

Medium Binding Plates are used in assays in which the adsorbed molecule present a large hydrophobic region, such as antibodies. This surface is ideal for immunoassays with a binding capacity of 100 to 200 ng IgG/cm2.

Furthermore this surface is highly selective and shows high affinity towards hydrophobic polypeptides that present a molecular weight > 10 kDa.

The Medium Binding ELISA Plates are made in Transparent, White and Black Polystyrene and can be used for quantitative and qualitative immunoassays like  ELISA, Chemiluminescent (CLIA) , Luminescence (LIA) and Fluorescence (FIA) assays.