Biomat handles more than 20.000.000 pieces a year of its own products

Which means:

  • The CQ control made on every lot, from Medium and High Binding capacity to coated and activated products.
  • The production both of its own coated or activated plates or other customers’ articles.

with skilled personnel, dedicated instrumentation, production capability and reliable products.

Every lot is tested and approved before being released.

Records are stored and made available to the user/customer for a minimum of 5 years.

Processes and testing methods can be both based on our standards and/or adapted to the customers’ specific needs or articles or new ones can be developed jointly with the customer.

Every custom coating process is developed jointly with the customer in order to obtain the best results with the lower cost; any parameter which can affect the productivity is evaluated and optimized
e.g. the optimization of the incubation time can highly affect the hourly output of the coating equipment.

Processes and components from labware to the reagents can be both supplied by the customer or purchased by Biomat according with the most economical solution, every component is tested and validated before being enclosed within the manufacturing protocol.

  • Flexibility: our range of equipment allows us to work from small pre-series to large lots of coating offering competitive costs
  • Large Manufacturing capacity
  • Long experience in the development of surfaces
  • A wide set of technologies available
  • A wide range of support and surfaces available
  • ISO 9001-2015 certified