Record results for 2018 and great plans for 2019


Biomat srl celebrates 2018, a year of great records and changes. Orders grew by + 85% YoY while turnover grew by + 22% YoY. The results reflect the company’s ongoing investments in personnel, with an all-female staff that grew by + 30%, and in infrastructure, with a new and cutting-edge facility.

Biomat new offices

Biomat 2018 Results

‘Growth’ was Biomat’s keyword for 2018.  The company continues to grow in a sustainable but above all profitable way: the extraordinary increase in orders, almost doubled (+ 85%), is the result of the closure of new contracts for the supply of OEM products for large multinational companies and the strengthening of the export volumes. In response to the trend in orders, turnover grew by +22% bringing an EBITDA consolidation to 30%.

Maurizia Pettenati, CEO of Biomat commented: “The key to our strong growth is the continuous investment in R&D and innovation as well as a strong expansion abroad. We are one of the 5 players in our industry and compete with the giants of the diagnostic world. We continuously grow thanks to the quality of our products, to the value provided to the customer, and the focus on consistently offering a superior customer service.

The fast growth required not only continuous attention to customers and the investment in infrastructure but also the strengthening of Biomat’s team that grew by +30%. Biomat prides itself to be an exception in the current business world as its employees are 100% women.

Biomat 2019 Outlook

“At the end of 2018 we changed location, we made several assessments to identify the best location to reach our ambitious goals for the next 5 years. The choice was not easy, despite the attractive proposals from outside the region we decided to continue our journey in Trentino because we firmly believe in the importance of investing in the territory and giving back to the community.” Gabriele Marmieri, Managing Director of Biomat

The new headquarters, in Ala (Trento), with over 1200 sqm of surface, 250 of which in a controlled environment, boasts a supply of highly innovative infrastructures with greater production capacity. The new laboratories also adopt a sophisticated assembly system: once again the quality of the product remains the priority for directing the new investments.

Moreover, a new ambitious research project has been launched at beginning of 2019 for the development of a new range of surfaces for molecular biology and for the pharmaceutical sector, among the fastest growing areas in the industry, growing at 18% CAGR.

Biomat does not stop at the brilliant results of the year just ended: the challenge of 2019 is the consolidation of the outstanding results, the further expansion in foreign markets, primarily the United States, and strong investment in its digital transformation. In 2018 we launch our new website and recently a new manager, with strong digital background, has joined the team. She will focus exclusively on Biomat’s innovation and digital growth.

The web is one of Biomat’s primary sales channels and we are planning a strong marketing investment in the future months and therefore expect to grow even further.

For this reason, we are also actively looking for investors that believe in the great value that Biomat has built in over 25 years of continuous innovation.