Protein A/G PCR 8 Strip Tubes

Code: PCR08-PA/G


Protein A/G PCR 8 Strip Tubes are 8 connected 0.2 ml tubes made in clear polypropylene; they have thin walls that optimize the heat transfer from the block to the reaction solution. The Protein A/G coated PCR 8 Strip Tubes are available with or without flat caps; they are easy to open and close without tools and are compatible with most popular thermal cycler blocks.

  • Each PCR strip tubes has each numerically identified tube (from 1 to 8) for easy recognition and the strips have a holding strap at one end.
  • PCR 8 strip tubes are pre blocked with standard proteic blocking (ELISA Blocking)
  • Recommended working volume of 50 to 100 μl


  • 10 coated PCR 8 strips tubes in a single barrier bag with desiccant.
  • Every single unit contains 100 PCR 8 strips tubes

Caps for PCR Strip Tubes

Biomat’s PCR 8 Strip Tubes:

Maleimide PCR 8 Strip Tubes

Carboxylated PCR 8 Strip Tubes

Protein A PCR 8 Strip Tubes

Protein G PCR 8 Strip Tubes

Streptavidin PCR 8 Strip Tubes

Streptavidin HB PCR 8 Strip Tubes




Technical details


Protein A/G coated surface on Protein A/G coated PCR 8 Strip Tubes binds to most IgG species (in particular binds to all subclasses of mouse IgG excluding mouse IgA, IgM or serum albumin and to all subclasses human IgG), IgA, IgE, IgM and IgD. This product can be used in purification and detection of mouse monoclonal IgG antibodies and for purification of macaque IgG.

Protein A/G Coating

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