Buffer and Reagents Leaflet

Technical literature

Biomat provides all the components you need to build and carry out a better ELISA assay.

Biomat’s coating buffer, blocking solution, sample diluent, conjugate diluent and stabilizer, wash buffer, substrate and stop solution all work together to generate a very clean signal.

These products work together to address common issues during ELISA development, such as: specificity, sensitivity, reproducibility and shelf-life.

Biomat’s ultimate goal is to help you develop optimized ELISAs that have a high specific signal and low background noise.

If you need assistance in your assay development or are looking for services, please contact us.

Product Categories:

  1. Coating Buffers
  2. Wash Buffer 20 x concentrate ( liquid and pre-weighted powder )
  3. Blocking solutions
  4. Sample Diluent
  5. Conjugate Diluent& Stabilizer
  6. TMB Substrate
  7. Stop solution



Download : Biomat Buffers and Reagents Leaflet



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